Early 1997-98 I started something I called a Sketch Party. Every Friday we met in my Yahoo Chatroom and drew some sweet pictures!

Well a few years later, like WAAAY. WAAAY later… I decided to try it again! Would love everyone to join in and try it! It is just sketching so anyone and EVERYONE can do it! That’s right, EVEN YOU!  Heres how it works –


Sketch Party  Rules:

1. THEME:  usually the winner of last weeks sketch party will decide on theme or character to draw for the sketch party. ( For the first sketch party,  the theme will be my choice! 🙂 I love being in charge!)

2.  OBJECT: Have an hour to draw  the character or theme using your favorite tools.

3.  POSTING: When the hour is up everyone posts their completed work at my FACEBOOK fan page UNDER the  original post, in the comments,

4.  VOTING/LIKES: After all the drawings are posted everyone votes for thier favorite. The more likes you get determines the winner.

5. THE CONCLUSION:  After winner is chosen, the winning drawing becomes the Cover Photo for the week. You will also choose the theme for the next sketch party! They also get entered in a drawing at the end of 3 months for a free sketch card! So you could be entered in the drawing the more times you win the sketch party!

****NOTE _ Right now Sketch Parties will be every TWO weeks. Hoping to make them weekly, but it all depends on attendence. 8pm Mt  to 10pm Mt

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